Atlantic Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development

What We Are

Atlantic Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development is a partnership between experienced academia and proven entrepreneurs globally to provide essential applied entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and networks to support innovation and business creation and growth.

Your aims, through us:

  • Realise your ideas
  • Scale and grow your business
  • Work on your business rather than in it through our comprehensive series of experiential programs
  • Gain access to essential mentoring, support, and advice from the experts on our team as well as a wide network of like-minded entrepreneurs

Learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and build the networks to achieve these aims through our unique courses.

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Scaling a Business When: November 26th - December 2nd, 2016

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Why us?

We provide strong supports for entrepreneurs whose companies will provide the employment of the future. While covering key skills needs, the Atlantic Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development provides participants with an opportunity to build key strengths and capabilities, redirect or innovate their business, develop their business idea and consider how they can create employment, and develop new products and services. Through a series of applied and hands-on active courses, we aim to provide essential entrepreneurial skills that are critical for entrepreneurial success and core to economic growth.

We bridge the gap between theory and practice and provide active and experiential learning from global and local experts with proven track records. In addition to supporting fields including healthcare, technology, science and food, we also provide expertise in business scaling and securing long-term growth.


To date, our partners and contributors include academic and business experts from top-ranking entrepreneurship centres globally, and we continue to form and develop a global platform to support our programs and generate a strong global network for our students.

Courses are in partnership with and accredited by the National University of Ireland, Galway. Such accreditation will both acknowledge the achievement of attendees and endow them with greater credibility when encountering partners and investors.

Atlantic Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development

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