Qpercom: Enda Griffin

“The business scaling course provided me with an opportunity to grow, and also to get experience from other people in similar positions. The course has been really good, everybody’s experiences and problems are really good to learn from, the teaching team has been really good giving us help in all areas. I’m really very happy with it. "

Would you recommend this course to other people?

"Absolutely. I have already recommended it to others”.

Qpercom has taken clinical assessment from paper to iPad, offering real time data and quality assurance for medical educators. The company was founded in 2008 at NUI Galway. The company currently has 4 people. Enda leads Customer Relations and Sales.




Supafound: Aonghus O'hEocha

“I really needed help with getting the right partners on board, getting proper finance, and an investor pitch. The scaling course has really helped with these needs in a pragmatic and practical way, and it’s helped focus my mind in terms of what’s important. It’s been very well run and a very enjoyable experience.”

Aonghus is CTO of 10-person company Supafound, based in Galway since its inception in 2009. With the rise of the internet of things, there has never been more opportunity to connect people and devices. That also comes with its problems, as there is no common language across the platforms. Supafound provides this so people can connect in a meaningful way.

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Shadow: Susan McGowan

“It was a thoroughly intensive and highly practical programme, delivered by a very engaging team of advisors. It provided the mechanism for us to see above and beyond the day-to-day running of our company and provoked much thought and insight into how to actively and strategically scale the company to the next level."

The Scaling a Business course has given a lot of direction and focus and also helped to pick out the parts of the company that are really strong to try and target where the sales are going to structure it a little bit better ”.

Would you recommend this course to other people?

“Absolutely – I already have”.

Susan is Director of Shadow, a concept sports clothing company based in Athlone, Ireland. Founded in 2012, it currently employs 3 people.




IndependentLivingIreland: Patrick

“The Scaling your Business course has helped me to step back and identify the aspects of my business that I need to focus on and prioritise to grow the business. It was very beneficial to discuss issues in a safe, shared environment which helped me to gain a better understanding of the common challenges faced by all entrepreneurs at this early stage of business development”.

“We will be scaling in the next 2-3 years up to an additional 13 members of staff, so all of the challenges around that, this course helps to mitigate those. The course has really helped to get an outsider’s perspective and to open my eyes to new ideas from different sectors”.

Would you recommend this course to other people?


Patrick is Director of IndependentLivingIreland, founded in 2012, based in Athenry, Galway, Ireland, and employs 6 people. The company provides connective devices and alarm monitoring systems to support the health and social care sector. Its services create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, redistributes profits to local communities, and connects social businesses.




Emmerald: Brendan Fahy

“This is a new and innovative course which identified the needs of entrepreneurs trying to scale up their business. The wealth of knowledge and experience available to students is fabulous. As well as the academic benefits, the course provides immediate practical knowledge. A special bond was formed between the students as common problems were identified. Tutoring is ongoing and I congratulate the vision of all the tutors who created this. I have benefited both personally and academically.

The course has given me a lot of the basic fundamentals that you don’t get at startup stage but have been made very relevant to scaling situations.

Because we’ve been growing organically, and now active in the UK and Ireland, we recognised there’s a global opportunity and I needed help and expertise to bring it to the next level.”

Would you recommend this course to other people?


Brendan is Director of Emmerald, which manufactures plastic kegs and casks for the brewing industry, as a safe, robust, and real alternative to steel. Based in Galway, Ireland, and founded in 2014, the company employs 3 people.




PiP Payments: Ollie Walsh

“This course provided a crucial step in bringing PiP iT from a concept to a business. Without it, we would not be where we are today.
We’re a fintech business, which is a really busy space at the moment, and we needed help with how to be seen in a big crowd. The scaling course was excellent, very practical and very hands-on, with advice that can be applied immediately to work”

Ollie is CEO of PiP Payments, founded in 2014, and based in Sheffield, England with offices in Galway. Employing 3 full-time, and 2 part-time, the company is a digital cash collection platform, which enables consumers and businesses to digitally transact in cash.

Would you recommend this course to other people?

“I already have”.


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