Executive Education at Atlantic Centre for Entrepreneurship

Courses, Events and Workshops cover such areas as: Researching the Sector; Entrepreneurial Selling; Customer Centricity; Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs; Optimising the Founding Team; Talent Management; Finance vs. Working Capital Management; Venture Financing; Business Modeling; Entrepreneurial Business Governance and Legal; Entrepreneurial Coaching; Value Capture; Brand Development and Trust; Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales; Pitching; Building Relationships; Venture Scaling and Growth; Entrepreneurial Leadership; and Entrepreneurial Decision Making.  Our courses adapt and evolve to meet our customer needs.

How do the courses run?

Courses are in chunks of 30 ECTS credits, comprising discrete sub-courses, events and workshops carrying either 5, 10 or 30 credits. You can take these in any order, whenever they run, and when you’re ready. When you total 30 ECTS you can graduate with the Certificate; 60 for a Diploma and 90 for the MSc. Where you move from one 30 ECTS chuck to the next, only the higher award is issued. Courses are in partnership with, and fully accredited by NUI Galway. Courses, events and workshops are co-designed and co-delivered between NUI Galway academics, experienced entrepreneurs, and our partners.

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When: November 26th-December 2nd, 2016

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Courses, Events and Workshops may include

  •  Entrepreneurial Selling
  •  Researching the Sector
  •  Customer Centricity
  •  Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs
  •  Optimising the Founding Team
  •  Talent Management
  •  Finance vs. Working Capital Management
  •  Venture Financing
  •  Business Modeling
  •  Entrepreneurial Business Governance and Legal


  •  Entrepreneurial Coaching
  •  Value Capture
  •  Brand Development and Trust
  •  Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales
  •  Pitching
  •  Building Relationships
  •  Venture Scaling and Growth
  •  Entrepreneurial Leadership
  •  Entrepreneurial Decision Making

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